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Why hackers want your e-mail?


So, you think your e-mail account have no use for hackers? You are not a rock-star and have nothing interesting in your mails. And that’s why you have done nothing to protect it. Like most of people who think so – you are wrong. Yes, may be you have nothing interesting in you inbox, but hackers could easily make profit by hijacking you e-mail. How? There are several methods.


1. Fastest and easiest – sell your address to spammers. Spammers always seek proved e-mail to send their “buy viagra” messages.
2. If you linked your e-mail to Facebook, or other social services and received login and password from them – that’s good profit for hackers. Spammers pay well for social accounts. Most of social networks account hijacks are made after e-mail hacking.
3. You had your banking or PayPal account linked to e-mail? Now you are really in trouble. Let’s hope your bank invested in two-factor authentication, or you can loss all money.
4. Hijacking e-mail for a ransom is also popular crime. Hope you have not use your e-mail for something questionable.
5. Hacking by request. Competitors, family members, neighbors, or just enemies could be interested in your e-mail negotiations. “E-mail hacking” is among the most popular requests in Google. Proposal of such services is big and prices are low.

So, virtually any e-mail could bring some cash for hacker.
In most cases, however, you personally is not the target. Usually the whole e-mail service is targeted. Mass hacking is the most profitable. So hackers constantly trying to break popular e-mail services with the goal to break as much account as possible.