General terms and conditions

Registration procedure

  • Send us registration request form. You can get this form from "Merchant registration" page.
  • In 2 working days we will call you back and reply about possible payment options for your site.
  • You will need to provide some company registration documents and fill in merchant registration form. It is also possible that you will need to add some additional information to your site to comply with strict payment systems rules (Visa rules, MC rules and European Directive rules).
  • Approval time for your shop will be held approximately 1 month.
  • Sign an agreement with LatCard .
  • Technical connection to payment form will not take long. We provide payment module plug-ins for most open platforms.

Requested registration documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation (or similar document)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (or similar documents)
  • First Meeting Minutes
  • Shareholders Certificate (or similar document showing principals of the company)
  • Copies of passports of the company’s beneficiaries, principals, directors and authorized signatories
  • Registered Office Certificate (or similar document showing the legal address of the company)
  • Directors Certificate (or similar document showing directors of the company)
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Documents authorizing the signatory to sign on behalf of the company (Power of Attorney, etc.)
  • Copy of business/operation licenses (if applicable)
  • Agreements with suppliers and business partners
  • 6 months financial statements (unless the company is new)
  • Company’s beneficiaries - CV
  • Merchant registration form

Requirements for websites

  • International payment system logos in full color to indicate card acceptance

Logos of payment systems (Visa, MasterCard) should be integrated in website.

  • Description of goods and services

Merchant website should contain complete description of the goods or services offered for sale by the Merchant, including but not limited to characteristics, measurements, photographs, content, material, price, for the software – the system requirements, for services – how and when could be provided.

Goods and services from the website must fully comply with the goods and services listed in the application for registration.

  • Information about pricing (including transaction currency)

Accurate information about price and billing currency should be provided for all goods and services presented to potential customers.

  • Merchant’s Permanent Establishment address, Customer Contact information
  • Full name of legal entity;
  • Legal and actual business address (the address should not be posted as a picture);
  • State registration number of the legal entity;
  • Contact phone number and email address.
  • The address and contact details should be easily accessible and available for at least 120 days upon the last transaction.
  • Bank Details
  • Shipping policy

Complete and accurate information about the delivery of goods and services should be provided by the Merchant on its website – terms, methods, conditions, and any other information required to obtain a clear understanding of the delivery of goods and services after payment with credit card.

  • Return policy

Merchant should provide a description of the procedures and conditions (including possible penalties) of refund in the event of buyer’s refusal to accept the order, exchange or delivery of substitute goods / services. Website should contain a “click to accept” button, or other acknowledgement, on its website evidencing that the cardholder has accepted the return policy.

  • Export restrictions and regulations of delivery as well as restrictions on the provision of services (if any such restrictions)
  • Consumer data privacy policy

Website should carry a proper displayed privacy policy section stating that cardholder’s personal and credit card details will be handled secure to ensure confidentiality and SSL encryption will be used to ensure sensitive data protection.

  • 3D-Secure marks

Merchants who participate in 3-D Secure must display the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode marks in full colors.

  • List of the forbidden goods and services

LatCard do not accept applications from Internet merchants selling following goods and services:

  • selling, advertising, distribution of illegal by means of Law goods and services related to pornography and pornographic materials of any kind.
  • selling, advertising, distribution of illegal by means of Law goods and services that violates copyright and similar authors and third parties rights;
  • selling, advertising, distribution of illegal by means of Law goods and services, that contains propaganda if terrorism, child abuse, violence against women, and minorities, contains materials described as anti-semitic, racist and similar materials;
  • short consumer credits;
  • illegal (non licensed) organization of gambling and auctions;
  • related to archeological excavations;
  • drugs, narcotics, psychoactive substances, and non-prescription drugs;
  • forbidden (by local law) goods;
  • materials and goods that could damage moral behavior of youth;
  • human body parts and organs;
  • publishing materials containing Nazi propaganda;
  • internationally protected animals and plants;
  • mobile based lotteries and telephone hoaxes;
  • tabacco and derivative goods;
  • legal services and brokerage.

Settlement procedure

LatCard ensure cashless payment transfer of the amount of the transaction for the transactions performed in the E-Merchant’s web shop to the E-Merchant’s banks account, withholding commission fees due to the LatCard , according to the agreement twice a week or twice a month on request.

At the day of payment merchant receives the detailed report of all transactions in his Internet shop in electronic form with volume of commissions and payment totals of related period.

LatCard could send merchant monthly reports in electronic form with all processed transactions on merchant request.