LatCard uses it’s own self-developed Hosted Payment page and Payment Gateway, so we do not outsource any software development and services to third parties. We constantly implement new features and services in fast and secure way.

LatCard , also has it’s own fault tolerant secure and certified Data Center where all cardholder data is stored and encrypted.

LatCard use the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This standard is set by the largest payment systems in the world and consists of giving certain requirements to companies, which work with international payments system. In accordance with the standard requirements an annual verification of payment information is executed by an independent international QSA-auditor at the place of organization, as well as a quarterly ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) scanning.

LatCard take all necessary means to support security of Customer private data to protect data from stealing, loosing, unconventional usage and from unauthorized access, disclosure, altering and damage. LatCard utilizes SSL certificate based encryption for information transmission from site. When customer visits protected website, SSL certificate becomes a proof of site authentication and encrypted connection is established.

LatCard has the right to transfer Customer data to Merchant for the business needs but only limited to content necessary to customer service providing.

LatCard has a legal obligation to provide personal data to government and municipal authorities in the legal cases specified by Laws. We are obliged to disclosure personal data by legal provisions in following cases:

  • by request by legal process and other court requests;
  • in case of legal protection clients, personnel, agents and property of LatCard ;
  • in case of contract and agreement breach, or in case of criminal and administrative investigations.